Who We Are

For over 185 years, Calvary Presbyterian Church has been a mission-driven, Christ-centered church committed to advancing the Gospel of Christ by leading people into a transformational relationship with Jesus.  We are members of ECO - Covenant Order of Evangelical Presbyterians.  To find out more about ECO, go to: eco-pres.org

It is our goal to provide a place where you will build a strong personal relationship with God through His Son Jesus Christ and engage in lasting relationships with others. Through the many gifts and resources we’ve been given, we seek to glorify God through heartfelt worship, a life rooted in Scripture, and an experience of authentic community.

If you would like to experience the love of God in a new and powerful way, or join with others in seeking out who exactly He is, or even if you’d just love to have a group of people to sit with over a cup of coffee and talk about life, then we encourage you to visit Calvary Presbyterian. We would love to see you!

Our Mission

We are here to Praise God, Equip the Believers, and Proclaim Christ’s love to the world.

Our Values


  • Passionately in Worship
  • Wholly through prayer and study
  • Deeply in our relationship with Jesus Christ


  • Commit to know and be known by our church family
  • Discover life through church small groups
  • Care for our congregation
  • Share church resources with our community


  • Here
  • Near
  • Far

Our Beliefs

ECO Tenets

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