Our Leadership


Elders are given authority and responsibility, along with pastors, to oversee the spiritual health of the congregation as well as the congregation’s faithfulness to God’s mission. Elders shall be elected by the congregation. The Elders (elected by the congregation from its members), together with the Pastor form the Session. The Session is the administrative and governing body of HPPC responsible for spiritual vision, oversight, ministry, and financial and policy decisions. Each Elder will serve on one of the Committees of the Session, all of which are designed to foster and support the common goal of “Making Disciples of Jesus Christ Who Make a Difference in the World for the Glory of God.”

Current Calvary Presbyterian Elders:

Mark Hildebrandt Steve Sims
Barb Hildebrandt Brian VanSoest
Sara Overway Terrie VanSoest
Dave Reinking



The men and women that serve as Deacons are caring, compassionate and have a heart for serving one another. They seek to ensure an expression of Christian compassion, concern and empathy, standing ready to meet the needs of our members (Covenant Partners.) Whether it is lifting up a prayer concern, making a hospital visit or keeping parishioners up to date on things happening in the life of the church, Deacons lead ministries that nurture fellowship and caregiving within and beyond the congregation.

Current Calvary Presbyterian Deacons:

Shirley Bishop Carol Rush
Dan Reef Candi Sarver
Pat Reef Scott Sarver
Kay Rottet Chris Williamson
Ron Rottet