April 20, 2022 - Holiday Lulls

"If the ax is dull and its edge unsharpened, more strength is needed, but skill will bring success." (Eccl. 10:10 NIV)

I hate to say it but I'm glad Holy Week is over. I hate to say it but I'm not glad Holy Week is over. Make up your mind, Dan!
I'm glad it is over because it was a very stressful week. Banquets, Maundy Thursday, Community Good Friday, Holy Saturday, Resurrection Sunday - a lot of planning and execution. Exhausted but couldn't sleep. Sugar levels out of wack. Almost passed out on the platform on Good Friday - now that would have been memorable but not "good" Friday. Still struggling with sleep and levels but getting better.

You would think that I would be relieved, but it doesn't feel that way. I have settled down into "the routine" again - no pressure, no added deadlines, no pre-mature heart attack possibilities. I sort of miss it. Adrenaline is a dangerous thing. I've come down from my Rocky Mountain High to the less exciting valley.

It seems that I have a choice between death by exhaustion or by boredom. I condemn myself with my own words. I fail to see the other options.

As I think through this yearly cycle to which I would like to break, I am reminded that the Resurrection is a story about life - receiving life, bringing life, experiencing life, enjoying life, anticipating eternal life. Everything about that story should chase away any sense of boredom and quiet any sense of unrest. Easier said than done but the focus to which I must pursue.

I know through the testimony of those who attended last week's services that lives were changed, broken people were healed, new life was offered and received. The journey didn't stop on Monday. It began anew with renewal. I want more of that Holy Spirit movement. I want more stories - more changed lives, more people recommitted to Jesus. I want Holy Week to be every week but not with all of the creative exhaustion. I want my routine to be renewed, revived. To see in the things that I do on a weekly basis as having the same outcome that the compressed week of holiness had.

Can one have the one without the other?